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There are stories within us all, some more difficult to voice than others. Using the magic of the sand and the symbols together creates a powerful way to share your personal journey.




  • 11 & 12 February

  • 15 & 16 April

  • 3 & 4 June




I was first inspired to help children when I was 13 years old. I read a book called ‘Tiger’s Child’ by Torey Hayden and was instantly hooked on her work.

I was in awe of her ability to connect with children in need and support them through some of the most horrific experiences and soon decided then that I wanted to follow in her footsteps. If I could help one child the way that Torey Hayden had, then I’d have achieved something very important!

In September 2009, I started studying for an MA in Play Therapy at the University of Roehampton, where I was trained to deliver non-directive, child-centred play therapy. The course is accredited by the British Association of Play Therapists [BAPT], of which I’ am now a full member.

I had tried different sand therapies in the past, but felt that they didn’t quite fit with my way of working and I always felt something was missing. The clients I worked with were drawn to the sand and I just felt I wasn’t fully able to ‘hear’ what they were telling me whilst they were there.

I came across SandStory Therapy® and it just worked! From my first experiential in the sand I knew this was the skill I needed to support the clients I was working with. It fits so well with how I work, flowing seamlessly from play therapy to SandStory Therapy®, but I am also able to use it as a stand-alone therapy.

Now I feel confident I am able to really hear what my clients are saying in the sand and I feel confident in supporting them develop their own explorations and stories. The power of the sand has helped them to express themselves, allowing the subconscious to communicate their stories more naturally.

From Louise Bayne, a participant:

I loved this training. Wendy facilitated and delivered all elements in an encouraging and supportive way allowing us to really get involved with the sand. I was surprised at how quickly SandStory work can reveal deeper meanings and connections to our story. I cannot wait to start using SandStory in my work with young people.

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