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A warm welcome to the
International SandStory Association -

       The ISA aims to promote SandStory in all it's forms, provide support and encouragement to all it's members, to develop its use in therapeutic professions and to offer guidelines and promote standards in training and practice.

    The ISA also acts as a validating Organisation, supports research and the extension of SandStory therapeutic applications.

      Lastly, the ISA aims to provide a safe and warm forum for all it's members whilst being a referral base for them and encouraging their voice and presence as contributing, collaborative SandStory members.

       Members join in with other like-minded Therapists and Counsellors and contribute to the development of this gentle, safe therapeutic approach.


        Members receive invitations to trainings, events and an annual SandStory Conference [online and in-person].

        Members have access to hot-out-of-the-oven news and updates, behind the scenes in the SandStory world and future developments such as a membership circle.

         Members learn about the various sand therapy approaches and trainings available in the UK and internationally.

What are the aims & benefits
of the ISA?



A warm and very soft and sandy welcome to you as you join this friendly, International SandStory Association. It was launched on 1 June 2020 and is open and free for:

        Therapists and Counsellors interested in learning more about SandStory whether it is SandStory Therapy® [Level 1 and 2], SandStory Supervision®, SandStory Skills® or as a member of SandStory Circles® - or all of them!

       All Registered SandStory Therapists [Level 1/Level 2] 


       All Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers

       All Certified SandStory Skills® Trainers

       All Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioners

       All Registered SandStory Supervisors®

       All SandStory Circle® members

To be involved as a member, please join the ISA

Facebook page where there is a space for

exchange and dialogue on all things

SandStory - just click on the gold star:

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ISA future events

 SandStory Therapy® Case Study Book 2024

An exciting opportunity to become a contributor to a wonderful story-filled book called 'SandStory Therapy®: Stories in the Sand' is a book of case studies - and is open for all SandStory Therapists to be part of!

Written by qualified SandStory Therapists it will be written from your heart, telling not only your Client's story [with full consent and anonymisation!] but YOUR story as their Therapist.

Every session or series of sessions is the two-fold Hero's journey - yes, that of your Client's but also of yours, the Therapist as you grow and accompany your Client.

If you'd like to consider contributing to a Chapter, then after having qualified as a Registered SandStory Therapist and offering SandStory in your clinical practice, please do get in touch with me at


I'd love to hear from you.

SandStory Conference 2025
A SandStory Conference is on it's way - a full 2 days in March 2025 in the beautiful, royal town of Windsor in the UK!

Come and be part of history and experience with your hands in the sand, the beautiful and magical world of SandStory. 

You'll be taken on a journey over the two days as you learn about SandStory Therapy®, Level 1 and 2 as well as SandStory Skills®, SandStory Supervision® and the personal growth retreat course of SandStory Circles®.

There will be workshops,  the chance to meet other sandy and playful souls, buy awesome symbols and trays, go to a book reading and signing, enjoy a delicious lunch and refreshments each day and beautiful therapeutic grounds - and most of all, plenty of time in the sand.

Do email me at to register your interest.
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