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It's with our hands deep in the sand, held and contained by Mother Earth, that we can safely connect again with our true, core presence. Then, the gentle and gracious passage of our unconscious can rise with wisdom to our conscious ... and so transform our lives from the inside out.


Stanmore, London


  • 23 & 24 September - Level 1 in-person

  • Also available online - Level 1 and 2




In September 2018, I was a pioneer in my living room; I taught my first ever group of intrepid Therapists the gold I had found that was SandStory Therapy®.⛱️

As with every good story, I'll start at the beginning ... 🌟

Having been captivated by the gentle power of sand therapy in my training as a Play Therapist from 2007, and teaching it as part of the Play Therapy programme up to Master's Level, I had also undertaken both SandPlay and SandTray Therapy training. And whilst I was hooked, to be honest, I felt something was missing.

So I looked to my clients - both those who were Therapists themselves and those who were 'muggles' [lovely folk who knew nothing of the magical world of therapy]! What I learned from them was that a safe and graceful passage between the unconscious and conscious was needed so that they could tell their story in the sand.

So I began a great alchemical experiment!🔥! I threw into my magic cauldron elements of my trainings, my reflected experiences, the needs of my clients, a containing 5 stage structure and the essential ingredient ... grounding in presence. I let it brew and marinate in all it's juices!

After offering it to my clients in private practice, refining, sifting and distilling it ... I found myself that life-changing day teaching it to 4 awesome Therapists.

By 2023, there were well over 80 qualified SandStory Therapists on a Register and within the home of the International SandStory Association with a Conference, books and a SandStory world tour all planned. Most importantly, there were now 6 of us teaching this in-person through-out the UK.❤️

I offer level 1 in-person once a year at the Sandstory Centre and the other times available online. I also offer Level 2 online.

I hope you find a Trainer and experience the magic itself of SandStory Therapy®. If it resonates with you, do feel free to explore the other SandStory trainings such as SandStory Skills®, SandStory Supervision®, SandStory Circles®: the 8 Feminine Archetypes and the 2 SandStory Trainer Programes - all on my website. I look forward to bringing the sandy world of SandStory to you and your practice. Lx💗

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